Hospitality | Ramada Resort Erciyes | Kayseri, Turkey.

Client : VRX Studios.

Project : Ramada Resort Erciyes | Kayseri, Turkey.

Under an hour drive from Kayseri Erkilet Havalimanı Airport (ASR), Nestled in the magnificent Erciyes mountainside up at the third summit, With a very special architecture design, Ramada Resort Erciyes.

I immediately fell in love with this property once i arrived, not only because it overlooks the lake below with mountain scenery all around. I also had a feeling it would have a very special interior design inside, And i was right !

The luxury and numerous facilities you can get under one roof is INCERDIBLE !

The warmth and welcoming feeling of the hotel is a stark contrast between the cold weather outside. The warmth and coziness extends all the way to the rooms with their modern style and lighting design.

Looking for some luxury stay, what about this !

Maybe some training or business meetings as well !

Health club & some relaxation, Here you go !!

What about full board of delicious food !

Dinner Time ! They got you covered !

In a nutshell, i can tell you that this property has everything you would like to do in your vacation. I really enjoyed my stay out there.

Thank You !

Saleh Mostafa | November 2017

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