Hospitality | Ramada Cappadocia | Turkey

Client : VRX Studios.

Project : Ramada Cappadocia | Nevşehir, Turkey.

I was assigned by VRX Studios to cover plenty projects for Wyndham Hotels Group - Ramada Chain in Turkey. It was over a month project that required a hundred of miles driving (sometimes flying) all around turkey.

Ramada Cappadocia, was one of the very first and maybe one of the largest among all this project i have been working in.

One of the biggest challenges was the weather forecast as it was shot on Feb. 2017 and we had to pick the best time for Exterior shots to avoid any snowy cloudy look.

Re-Arranging a huge dinning space with a great size of variation open-buffet in a small time is also a great challenge that couldn’t be done without a helpful stuff and good property management.

For More Images of this property please feel free to visit Ramada Cappadocia Website

Behind Scenes …

Thank You !

Saleh Mostafa

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