Saleh Mostafa is a passionately curious Cairo-based photographer specializing in architecture, furniture, residential, and commercial spaces.

Furthermore, his cinematography showreel has reached out to both National & International clients all over the globe.

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Family of Art 

Saleh was raised in a family that appreciate all details and kinds of art.

All the way back to the roots; Saleh's grand father - Mr. Lotfy Ahmed - was a furniture design teacher. Not to mention his father - Prof. Mostafa Lotfy - was an Architect and Prof. in fine arts school. With an Uncle that was a great store interior designer in NY.

Its pretty easy to see where the artistic eye came from , no !

The Tech Geek ...

In each family there is always that person who cares more about technology, get the latest stuff, archive all photos of the family and always have a camera to capture good moments.

Saleh is definitely the family tech geek.

30 Minutes !

In 2007, Saleh grabbed his father's old Minolta film camera and decided to figure out how it works.

Days later he met his cousin Osman Abulaban to learn about photography basics. Those 30 minutes meeting was the only "course" saleh ever had in his photography career.


Saleh is a Computer Science graduate with a major in information systems. He picked up his first professional digital camera in 2008 as a self taught photographer with books and practice as his mentors.

He has gained a lot of experience after working alongside renowned Egyptian photographers and Film directors.

Arabian Horses

When Saleh was introduced to Dr. Nasr Marei, the internationally acclaimed Arabian horse breeder and judge, he stated that he saw a promising and gifted photographer in the making after he saw his work. “I detected his artistic potential with an eye that sees details and composition."

Saleh's Arabian horse work was featured in several magazines such as Horse Times Magazine and Desert Heritage Magazine covering different types of shoots for arabian horses shows, dressage, show jumping athletes and competitions. Links

Saleh grew to understand the Arabian horse better as to fully capture its essence, spirit and beauty. He intends to further pursue photographing the quintessence they bring to their lovers and breeders.

Lights, Camera, Action !

His passion for drawing with light drove him into various types of projects; From Drama & Commercials to TV Shows, Documentaries & Sports. His exquisite taste supported with years of experience allowed him to pursue his passion around the world such as in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Uganda, UK & USA. Saleh's showreel has reached out to both National & International clients such as Coca-Cola, UN-Women, Expedia, Clorox, Ariel, Huawei, Dubizzle and Emaar Misr.

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First Time

It all started when the award winning director and saleh's friend - Omar Rashed - asked him to use his photography lighting experience to do their first ever documentary project.


Mostafa was fortunate to jump into professional locations working alongside renowned Egyptian photographers, cinematographers and film directors.

The famous Palestinian-Egyptian director Osman Abulaban was the first  to trust saleh's talent and introduce him to film making professional industry.

International Studies

Although he is a self-taught artist, He believes that some special and tricky matter are not always available to everyone. Therefore, he did intensive advanced studies in feature film lighting with top renowned Hollywood film industry professionals.

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